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Bring Your team into the 21st Century

Your Company already has talented individuals.  When you equip them with the tools to convert data into insights, you evolve your business into one that predicts, rather than reacts. We help by bringing customized, case study based training to you.

Training that is customized to the depth you require.  Topics you need are included. Topics you don't are not.


All training uses cases studies based on your industry.  Examples are used which easily translate to your business.


Our instructors come to you.  You don't need to travel to us.  If you need to escape your office, use our classroom options.

Does your company get the most out of its data?

86% of companies recently surveyed by KPMG said they didn't have the skills to fully leverage data and analytics. LEVEL, a cutting edge data analytics program from Northeastern University, develops your company's talent to become leaders in data and analytics.


Our enterprise training consists of the following topics:
R Programming
Machine Learning
Predictive Analytics
Probability & Statistics
Build your own curriculum from these topics or choose a set course focused on your business needs.

Our course in Visualizing data reviews basic data manipulation to prepare your data for import into a viz tool.  Then we  cover concepts in effective visual presentation.  The final portion of the course uses either Tableau or Power BI as the  tool to complete your analysis and create a first class data story.

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Most analysis is static. It identifies patterns and trends in the past.  Leading businesses predict the future with data they have collected and modeled to predict future likelihood with varying degrees of certainty. Learn how to use the vast data that you have to make more accurate forecasts and drive decision leading to great success.

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ACCESSING and Preparing DATA

Every data analysis begins with a data source. Some data is "clean", for example  no duplicates,  no misspellings, no erroneous records, other data, such as sentiment data or web scraped data may require many processing steps before it's ready. This course teaches the methods to access data, prepare it for analysis and store it in one of several cost efficient cloud storage services.

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Selecting and Filtering DATA with SQL

Data projects usually require sifting through millions and millions of records to find trends or discover anomalies. Without powerful tools, the time to do this can be significant and laborious. Learn how to effectively reduce your mountains of data and shorten the cycle time  for  your analysis.  Learn the tools and services that make this step efficient.

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